Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting, table and indoorThe Community Ministries Program hosts Kid's Club one day per week to offer a safe place for children to learn and grow. It is a program that provides an oportunity for children to have fun and learn about God's love through people who care about them.

Trinity opens its doors to children grades 2nd-5th from Congress Elementary School and
surrounding areas to participate in a variety of activities. The program has four main focus areas incorporated into childen programming. These areas include experiences with art and culture, career exposure, building life skills and service learning.

Recreation Time:  
Kid's Club starts by providing the opportunity to learn new athletic skills, learn/play board games and practice cooperation and teamwork. It is a time for children to play, which is a child's job. The children are introduced to new games they may not be exposed to ordinarily. Kids learn basic rules of the game as well as strategies. Children can get physical exercise and learn about playing fair. Additional gym activities include jump rope, volleyball, whiffle ball and football. The second piece to recreation time is spent playing various board and problem solving games with the adult volunteers. It allows for conversations to take place so that the kids build relationships with caring adults.

Mealtime: Children in the Community Ministries Program learn valuable life skills at mealtime as they help prepare a healthy meal, set the table, serve food to the other children and learn table manners and social skills around the table. During mealtime students connect with adult volunteers and other students to discuss activities happening that evening, how school is going, upcoming events or projects at school as well as introducing the children to setting goals for the future. Children are also introduced to new, unique fruits and other healthy snacks that are available, accesible and affordable to families in the program.  Image may contain: 1 person, sitting, eating, indoor and food

Activity Time:  This component provides a variety of activities the children take part in on a weekly, rotating basis. Children are allowed to explore creativity and learn a multitude of skills in the process. Activities include cooking, computers, arts and crafts, gym time and creative learning. Groups stay intact to allow for a sense of familiarity for the kids.
One example is the cooking activity, which provides the opportunity to learn how to read recipes and to use math skills to measure ingredients. The kids learn proper hygiene for meal preparedness and learn to operate the oven and other equipment while using utensils safely. After the food is prepared the children learn how to clean up after themselves and put everything back where they found it.

Tutoring:  Children in the Community Ministries Program have an opportunity at the end of our time together to work on homework together with the help of volunteers around the kitchen tables, just like they would at home. We also use this time to work with students on reading skills to increase thier proficiency.


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