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Trinity-SignDavid Nellist 

Welcome to Trinity United Methodist Church

Dear Friends,

I hope as we speak you are having a wonderful Christmas! Eating too much, talking too much, watching way too many movies, and relaxing much more than you really need. As the New Year rolls in and self-indulgence is over, it's time to really focus on others. In January we will start a new worship series on Relationships.

In the western world we tend to rush on to the next thing too fast. I remember well my first Christmas in the U.S. The day after Christmas everyone's Christmas tree was outside at the end of the yard ready for pick-up by the city and people were going back to work. Yet my own experience in my home country of England is that you didn't take your tree down until the twelfth day of Christmas.

The twelfth day of Christmas is the pinnacle of the season of Epiphany, when we celebrate the visitation of the Kings to Jesus at Bethlehem and recognize him as God's son. This year Epiphany falls on Sunday, January 7. The twelve days of Christmas give us thinking time, or in modern parlance, helps us to be 'mindful' of who Jesus is and our relationship with him.

On Epiphany Sunday we will start exploring relationships, beginning with our own personal interaction with Jesus the Christ child, go deeper with our walk with God, and look at our family, friends and community. If you invest your time in this and commit to all four Sundays in January, you will have a stronger relationship with Jesus, a deeper walk with God, and be more focused on your family, friends and community. In other words, it will truly be a gift to yourself, and at a time when people become even more self-indulgent with New Year's resolutions, it will be a wonderful gift to others. Join us!


All this is from God, who reconciled himself to us through Christ; and has given us a ministry of reconciliation. 1 Corinthians 5: 18. Happy New Year!


Pastor David




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Trinity United Methodist Church celebrates the diversity of the human community, and affirms the sacred worth of each person as a recipient of God’s love and grace. As disciples of Jesus Christ, we declare ourselves to be an open and inclusive congregation, and welcome into full participation all persons regardless of gender, race, national origin, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, marital status or economic condition.